Meet the 9-year-old who runs the most wholesome Twitter account about petting dogs

Gideon Kidd is only nine-years-old and he has already pet over 300 dogs. 

He documents every dog he pets and posts about them on his Twitter account, I've Pet That Dog. Although his account has only been around for a month, Gideon has been posting about the many good boys and girls he's met on his website since September 2016. 

I pet Blaine. He is a rescue who was brought to Chicago from Alabama. Blaine was adopted from @onetailatatime . He is a 3 year old rat terrier, hound mix. Blaine likes to run all over the house, but after a long walk he gets lazy and sleeps.

— I've Pet That Dog (@IvePetThatDog) May 14, 2018

His account recently gained a wave of new followers when toy designer @KaylaPekkala posted about her "New Favorite Twitter Account." 

New Favorite Twitter Account:This 9 year old goes around petting dogs and tweets about each one.

— Kayla (@KaylaPekkala) May 15, 2018

And for Gideon, who now has more than 31,000 people following his dog petting adventures, "it feels amazing!" 

"I am really enjoying it," he said via email. His mom added that the wave of popularity has been "really fun for Gideon." 

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Gideon's blog is sort of like Humans of New York, but about a thousand times more pure. He diligently records each pup's name, age, background, and personality traits.

As if it couldn't get any more wholesome, Gideon's posts also touch on some of the heavier aspects of human-dog friendships. In his Tuesday tweet about Stella, a 16-month-old show dog, Gideon wrote about how the dog helped her caregiver through depression. 

Are you crying yet? We're crying.

I pet Stella. She is a 16 month old poodle and a show dog. She follows all sorts of commands, like shake, sit and stay. She can even bring back pheasants! Her caregiver got her for his granddaughter, but the dog helped him the most. When he was depressed, she stayed with him.

— I've Pet That Dog (@IvePetThatDog) May 15, 2018

Gideon also reviews the pups he encounters, like 4-year-old Lucy. His take: "She is loyal and friendly."

I pet Lucy. She is a 4 year old golden retriever who was born on Valentine’s Day. Lucy was a wedding gift from her caregiver’s parents. She is loyal and friendly.

— I've Pet That Dog (@IvePetThatDog) May 16, 2018

He also posted this review of Rosie, one of the first dogs he pet for his blog: "She is very bouncy and friendly."

I pet Rosie. She is one of the first dogs I pet. Rosie is a sheepdog. She is very bouncy and friendly.

— I've Pet That Dog (@IvePetThatDog) April 28, 2018

Each dog Gideon meets has a distinct personality, like Buddy, a 10-year-old chihuahua who "may be little, but he thinks he is a really big dog." 

I pet Buddy. He is a 10 year old chihuahua. His caregivers got him when he was 8 months old from a breeder. Buddy is deaf. He may be little, but he thinks he is a really big dog.

— I've Pet That Dog (@IvePetThatDog) May 13, 2018

He's a big fan of chihuahuas — in a BuzzFeed article he wrote, he says that he's even in a chihuahua fan club. 

Gideon and his family have their own dog named Walter, who is 12-years-old. Walter was found running across a highway, suffering from fleas, heartworms, and a recent spray attack from an irate skunk. "He's been our little pup ever since," Gideon said.

According to Gideon, he'll pet any dog unless their owner says he can't. He recently celebrated his 300th pet, a cocker spaniel puppy named Clementine who was raised by a shih tzu. Clementine is one of his favorite dogs so far. 

I pet Clementine. She is a 10 week old cocker spaniel puppy. Her mother couldn’t make milk, so she was raised and nursed by a shih tzu who had just given birth. Clementine is cuddly and playful. She likes to play tug of war. She is the 300th dog I’ve pet!!

— I've Pet That Dog (@IvePetThatDog) May 14, 2018

If you're scared of dogs, Gideon has some advice: "If you put your hand under their nose, you can let them sniff you. He'll bark and growl if he doesn't want you to pet him. If he does want you to pet him, he'll come to you happily." 

Happy dog petting, Gideon!

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