Someone found a 'lost dog' in the most ridiculous place

Not all heroes wear capes — some upload photos with really jarring moiré effects to Reddit.

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Reddit User HamboneB shared a story on Wednesday about how he'd been called "a hero" for returning a lost dog to its owner. The thing is, it wasn't that hard to find.

A lady told me I was a hero for returning her dog today. I found him 2 ft from the sign. from r/funny

The photo was apparently taken off the user's computer, they explained in the comments.

"It’s right outside of Augusta, Ga. in a little town called Thomson," wrote the OP. "I took a screenshot of the photo that I took to make it the most recent photo on my phone and tried to zoom and edit it some. I did a pretty shitty job I guess and realize now I messed up on the angle as well."

Mashable has reached out to the user, and there is of course always the chance that the photo was staged. 

Still, looks like one lucky big white dog.

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